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Helpful Links for readers of this Elder Law Blog

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Helpful Links for readers of this Elder Law Blog
Helpful Links for readers of this Elder Law Blog.
Below is my Facebook link and Youtube link.  My Facebook Office page has more than 150 videos on elder law topics. Take a look.
My website has information and my blog has about 200 posts. My youtube channel is new and we are migrating videos onto it. Please subscribe so that you do not miss new information as posted. I have a series on Elder law, on Medicare on estate planning and guardianship. Plus a whole lot more. You would really help me out as well because I can get the ability to name my channel instead of having that long letter chain after it (see below). I need 100 subscribers or more. That would be a big help.
As always, I am available rather easily for a telephone discussion. Please schedule at Many existing clients text with me about various situations and circumstances and I am always available to lend an “ear” and a helpful word or two. The inquiries range from Probate, L&T, real estate to Guardianship and Incapacity to Elder Law issues. Try me out!