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Frank Bruno is a very efficient lawyer. Mr. Bruno is knowledgeable in many areas of law. He has helped me with multiple situations in a caring professional manner. One of his many great qualities is his ability to help find a solution for his clients’ situations in a comforting manner.

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I have used Mr. Bruno for several legal matters. He has always done a great job and I highly recommend him.

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Most reliable, kind and restpected by judges attorney. All aspects of my case was answered and filed in timely and profetional manner. God Bless!

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I am a divorced since 2007 and my ex-husband was ordered to pay $25 per month child support for my 2 sons. My ex-husband resides in another state and was in violation for paying child support for 10+years. My attempts throughout the years to get a modification failed. This all changed after I retained attorney Sebastian Karczmarczyk. He took my case and handled it with great professionalism all while being sympathetic to my specific needs. Sebastian made sure to review my case and left no stone unturned. He fought diligently in the courtroom all while securing my integrity. Sebastian kept me abreast of every court appearance, every legal obstacle, every legal notice etc. He was able to get my ex-husband to appear in court and ultimately Sebastian got a settlement for my sons which I am very satisfied. I cannot thank Sebastian enough for going above & beyond the legal call of duty for my family.

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I initially came to the office for a child support matter. We went to court and the attorney helped me resolve the matter so that I wouldn’t have to pay! They took the time to explain the process to me so that I understood what was going on. I feel that they represented me well and resolved my issues. I have recommended the office to two friends already and will continue to recommend them to more. If it weren’t for this office I’d still be making child support payments.

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I went to the office with the matter of getting visitation rights to visit my grandchildren. We went to court a few times before I ended up deciding to drop the case. However, Sebastian was a great attorney. He was very prepared with all the paperwork. He was very thorough and asked all the right questions. He was also very focused on the case. He did a great job. I would absolutely recommend this office to my friends and family!

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I chose this office because the reviews were great and they did not disappoint. I went to the office with a paternity proceeding. We went to court a few times and the attorney was able to get me what I wanted, which was a paternity test and to be acknowledged as my child’s father. I would definitely recommend this office to friends and family.

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I had the pleasure of attending one of Mr. Bruno’s seminars on estate planning. He was very informative, patient, and accommodating with the crowd. He took time to answer all questions and made sure everyone in the room understood. He is a great presenter, I felt that he took a personal interest in his work. After the seminar, I was able to book a free in-office consultation to further discuss my options. He was just as helpful, informative, and patient as he had been at the seminar. He took all the time I needed to help me with my questions. I am very pleased with Mr. Bruno and will be returning for more advice and will be recommending him to all my friends.

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I went to the office because I was getting divorced from my wife. Everything went very well and smoothly. We did not have to go to court which was great. I really liked this office because they showed that they cared and were very attentive. I did not have to wait hours unlike in other offices. I would definitely recommend this office to friends and family.

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I went to the office for my mother and father’s estate and to sell my house. The process for both went very good and smoothly. I especially enjoyed working with Sebastian. He answered all of my calls and would get back to me really quickly when I asked questions. He was also very good at explaining everything! Would definitely recommend the office to family and friends.

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I went to the office to get divorced and for a bankruptcy case. The outcomes for both were very good. I did not have to go to court for the divorce but did go to court for the bankruptcy. Everyone in the office was very pleasant, informative and answered all of my questions. I would recommend the office to family and friends!

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Joseph L.

I came to the office because I was buying a house. Frank helped me purchase my property. He was very smart, knowledgeable and family oriented. He took time to explain everything to me making a stressful, scary situation calm and putting me at ease. I have recommended the office to friends who have become clients and will continue to recommend them. I have even returned myself.

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Maribel Soto

I came to the office for a guardianship. Mr. Bruno helped me become guardian of my aunt. I appreciate that he took time to explain all the confusing terminology and made sure I understood every step of the way. The lawyers were helpful and always available for me. I would absolutely recommend them!

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Robert Deleo

I came into the office for legal advice. My former landlord was selling the house and has asked me to do some repairs. After I completed them he refused to give me my security deposit. The lawyer I spoke to gave me a free consultation and guided me in the right direction. I was able to walk away satisfied I had made the right choice. I would definitely recommend the office to friends and family, they were honest and straightforward and weren’t looking to waste my time.

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Jessica M.

All I can say is Frank is amazing. Losing my mom and handling her estate has not been easy but I don’t know how I would have done it without Frank. His kindness and knowledge has helped me throughout this whole process. He always returned my calls and answered all my questions with my best interest in mind. I highly recommend his services!

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Alexander Harris

Absolutely inspirational! Frank was very knowledgeable about every question I asked him. He is a great guy!